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DineLA Restaurant Week Industriel

If you live in LA for more than a year and if you are food lover, you must have heard dineL.A. Restaurant Week. For those who don’t know, dineL.A. Restaurant Week is a 12-day event run by Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board to accentuate Los Angeles as a prime dinning location. Yes, another big plus for people to move out to sunshine LA!!


If you live in LA for more than a year and if you are food lover, you must have heard dineL.A. Restaurant Week. For those who don’t know, dineL.A. Restaurant Week is a 12-day event run by Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board to accentuate Los Angeles as a prime dinning location. Yes, another big plus for people to move out to sunshine LA!!


About DineLA


The event takes place twice a year, both in the summer and the winter. What’s special about DineLA is that it encourages diners to experience new places that they normally would not because of the budget. During the DineLA week, participant restaurants offer prix-fixe menus dedicated to the event at a much more affordable price. For example, you can pay $35 to enjoy a premier three-course dinner at a fine restaurant that normally costs at least $70 for a meal. Last summer, more than 300 restaurants in LA offered their special dineL.A. menus from July 14 to July 27.


Few weeks ahead of the event, my friends and I had already started browsing through the list of dineL.A. restaurants. The process looks like this: specify cuisines and neighborhoods——> identify the restaurants ——> look at its dineL.A. lunch/dinner menu ——> check their reviews on Yelp ——> and propose the restaurants to each other…


We had three to five restaurants that made the final list and we couldn’t wait for the dineL.A. week to start. However, it turned out I was super busy during the two weeks and I was almost gonna miss another dineL.A. again. That was absolutely unbearable to me. So on the last day of the dineL.A. week, I chose Industriel Urban Farm Cuisine to host the long wanted get-together with my high school friends. (One benefit of being the event organizer is that you always get to choose the venue and the food you like!)

Special DineLA Brunch Menu

It was a beautiful and extremely hot Sunday. My friends and I met up around 1:00 p.m. for a late brunch, so that everyone had enough sleep… We were greeted friendly and shown to a table right away because I called the day before and booked a reservation for a party of five. (Tips: Always make reservation beforehand if you already know where to eat. LA is notorious for waiting long hours to dine at popular restaurants.)

Industriel Urban Farm Cuisine served special dineL.A. brunch menu on that day until 3:00 p.m.. The $20 prix-fixe three-course menu was pretty interesting. For the first two courses, we could choose any combination of quinoa salad, chocolate croissant, coffee cake and blueberry yogurt. I was the only one who got the combination of the quinoa salad and chocolate croissant. Usually I wouldn’t order salad because it was just not filling enough, even for appetizer… But I saw the ingredients of roasted beets and     wanted to give it a try. The plate presentation was interesting. We had a joke about the wooden bowl. It reminded us of Journey to the West, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. In the story, Master Xuanzang as a Buddhist monk has to knock door to door to “化缘” (beg for food). The salad tasted very light and healthy and I like the sour taste of the persian cucumbers, feta and red wine dill vinaigrette. In terms of the chocolate croissant, it was gone in 30 seconds. Till today I haven’t had any bad chocolate croissant. I mean how could someone mess up with chocolate and croissant?

Entree: 14-Hour Smoked Pork Burger with Duck Fat Biscuits


roast lamb stew

roast lamb stew

Before long, everyone’s entrees were served. Mine was the 14-hour smoked pork burger with duck oil biscuits. At first, I was looking for the duck fat biscuits on the side but couldn’t find it. Dummy dummy…Then when I started eating my burger I realized the “buns” were the duck fat biscuits. How did the burger taste? I mean there was a lot going on: 14-hour smoked pork, bacon, cheese and the heavy duck fat buns. No sight of veggies at all. The burger was really filling. So I let my girl friend to have the other burger and I got to try half of her roast lamb stew. Sharing food is always fun. The lamb meat was shredded which I liked a lot. The other ingredients like poached egg, sweet onion, pickled cabbage veggies, coriander and yogurt made the taste very rich. The lamb stew was actually more like lamb salad, a much lighter entree compared to the pork burger. Conclusion: the $20 prix-fixe was very much worth it.


Fun Catching-Up with Friends Back in High School


Can you imagine how difficult it is to meet up with your high school friends in another country? I knew these people since I was twelve and we all studied in the same middle school and high school (Xiamen Foreign Language School) in China for six years. One girl and one boy immigrated to the U.S. and went to UCLA. The rest of us came to the U.S. two years ago for master degrees and PhD. So on that day on the table there were three Bruins versus two Trojans!! No fight, but a lot of love.


The talk was fun because everyone was on a new page of their lives. Some of us just graduated, some considered going back to school and one was researching and writing his PhD papers.


How time flies!? High school to me felt like yesterday. No pressure, no bully, only laughters and love.  God, I missed those happy days!


Vibe of Urban Decor

I love the restaurant’s interior decoration. It was modern, urban but not overdone. In the middle of the lobby, there was spiral stairs to the second floor. I didn’t get a chance to check out the second floor, but the first floor was beautiful. I like the contrast of their hard red steel chairs and soft cream sofas. The paper-cut silhouette tress on the wall and the vintage lamps gave you a sense of nostalgia. My favorite decor at Industriel was definitely the honey-bear-bottle lights. The waterfall-shaped bottles looked adorable. What a great idea to use honey for lighting! I might steal this idea for my future home decoration.

Though I couldn’t try out as many dineL.A. Restaurant Week restaurants as I would like, it was super fun to at least visit one  on the last day of the event. More importantly, I finally got a chance to catch up with my old friends back from high school. The brunch menu for dineL.A. at Industriel was full of surprises and $20 for a three-course prix-fixed meal and the urban decor was absolutely worth it.

Honey Tree

Honey Tree & Lychee





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