LA Floating and Meditation

In LA, floating and meditation has become a trendy thing to do for pleasure. I’d love to share every single interesting detail about my unique floating experience last summer.


LA Floating and Meditation

Floating sounds fun, isn’t it? In LA, floating and meditation has become a trendy thing to do for pleasure. At LA Float Center, the float pod with 1,200 pounds of Epsom salt in it creates a zero gravity environment and allows our mind and body to fully relax. Last summer, I went to LA Float Center using my Groupon voucher. Now I would love to share every single interesting detail about my 90-minute unique floating experience with you guys.

Benefits of Floating and Meditation


Imagine in a zero gravity environment, you float effortlessly without any distractions or unwanted noise! Floatation has been shown to have many positive effects on the mind and body. One hour of floating is equivalent to four hours of sleep! More importantly it creates slower brain patterns known as “theta waves”, waves that are only produced during deep meditation, briefly before sleep and again at waking. Put it simply, floating helps you relieve strain, tension and pain, giving you profound results to both your mental and physical health.

Get Ready for Your Float

Watch the video orientation before your float

Watch the video orientation before your float

Reservations are highly required. LA Float Center has a fairly convenient online booking system, which allows you to book the session and the float room that you prefer. Remember to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time for orientation. Do not come with an empty stomach. Eat something light, so it can prevent your stomach from grumbling during your float. Also no coffee for several hours beforehand (it can make your system jittery) and no shave or wax since the   salt water can irritate your skin.


When I got there, I was welcomed by a very friendly staff who offered me a free oxygen bar experience after my float session when she saw my ultra-excitement about everything in the room. After I checked in, I was lead to a small theater room to watch the orientation video in which explained everything I can and cannot, should and should not do in the float room.


Now you may ask “What should I wear?”. Personally, I chose to wear my lovely blue polka dot bikini. But their website and orientation video both say that you can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. According to the staff, actually most people choose to wear nothing since they are in their own private rooms.

iPad music

Choose your own meditation playlist on iPad!

One more thing you need to get prepared for the session is to choose your own music. LA Float Center offers a wide range of meditation music and you can choose and listen your favorite music on their iPads. My meditation music of the day was Waves of Dolphins.

How Does A Float Room Look Like?

There are four float rooms available at LA Float Center and all of them are private suits. Each float room comes with a changing area and shower in preparation for your float. They also provide ear plugs, bathing tower, shampoo, conditioner and body wash.


The float pod looks like a gigantic egg-shaped capsule with 11 inches of water heated to skin temperature and 1,200 pounds of Epsom salt. The float pod also allows you to turn off the lights, or to use colored lights (my favorite is blue light), and to adjust or turn off your music. The pod also contains a water sprayer and a tower in case the salt water run into your eyes.

Floating and Meditation Begins

After everything prepared, you will then be lead to your private float room with your own private shower where you can rinse off to remove oils from your hair and body. I used their earplugs (Unfortunately, I got an ear infection two days later … so make sure you put them on correctly!)  They also provide Vaseline for you to cover any small cuts or abrasions you may have.


After a quick rinse off, I stepped into the float tank with great excitement. I pulled down the pod cap and suddenly found myself contained in a really small space with changing colored lights. The music I chose earlier was on and it sounded really relaxing.Then I turned on my kid mode, just exploring and enjoying the floating experience. I slowly laid down my back and lifted my legs. All of a sudden, I felt the strong buoyancy and I floated. That was fun! After I kept my arms and legs in a starfish position for a while and I noticed some air enter my ears to make some pressure adjustment. I hummed “Ahhh” (Earlier the staff suggested me humming “Ahh” or “Meow” to experience a different sound effect.) and heard a very unreal echo. I guessed the sound was different because it was transmitted mostly from my bone rather from the air.


About twenty minutes later, I still couldn’t maintain a peaceful mind. I was busy thinking my blog and video shooting ideas and fun things to do for my 25th birthday. But I didn’t mind. I really enjoyed the float and the music. Another 10 minutes passed, I turned off the light and turned down the music, changing how I put my arms and legs to find my favorite position. It turned out my favorite position was to scissor-cross my legs and put my arms straight along my body. I also felt my skin getting silky as if I had been having an oil massage.


I know it sounded weird that I actually got kind of bored after half an hour. I guess it was because I was not used to meditation. I almost laughed to myself because when the speaker said “ Your float session is almost over”, I was so happy to get out. I believe people who have intense mental pressure or suffer from back pain would definitely benefit much more than I did.

Hang Out at the Oxygen Bar

After I took a shower and blew my hair dry in the dressing room, I was lead to the oxygen bar. I got a pink tube and I goofily acted like a patient. I attached the pink tube to the oxygen machine and turn on the flavor that I liked. They have eight flavors in total and my favorite was the green Pina Colada. If you want to get oxygen high, you can mix all the flavors to have an oxygen cocktail like I did.


How Much Is It?

LA Float Center offers different float packages, ranging from $80 unlimited 90-minute weekly floats to $300 six sharable 90-minute floats in three months. (Click here for detail packages and pricing). I was told that they just opened this new location about a month ago. No wonder I could buy the $44 Groupon deal about a week ago. Good news: the $44 deal is still available on Groupon. I highly recommend LA Float Center to everyone who are interested in floating and meditation.


For more workshops and classes for health, healing and meditation, you can check LA Float Center’s Workshop/Classes calendar for their weekly events.

Address: LA Float Center: 22041 Clarendon StreetLos Angeles, California 91367

Tel: 818-914-4887


FTC, this is not a sponsored review. I paid for the float session!



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