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Medieval Times: A Night of Fun Dining

Are you a big fan of the popular TV shows like Game of Throne and Vikings? If you are, now you get a chance to travel back in time to the medieval and enjoy a fun dining experience at $40 in California. Buckle up, I’m gonna take you with me in the time machine.

You might heard of Medieval Times Dinner Show before, but you can’t feel the excitement until you actually be there and dine there. Last summer I went on a date at Buena’s Medieval Times. It  was perfect. You got to have a four-course meal, watch six medieval knights fighting in search of glory, and meet beautiful white horse Andalusians. That’s not all. The best part is you got to act like a princess without being called high-maintenance!

The Medieval Times Battle

I don’t want to spoil it for you about all the knight fighting details. But I do think you are interested to have a peak into what kind of food they serve during the show.

When you arrived, you would first get assigned to one of the six knights of the realm randomly. Then you would wear the paper hat for your knight and cheer for him for the rest of the night. My knight of the night  was the Red & Yellow Knight.

Then you would be seated at the arena with Citizens from the other five kingdoms. Here started the show. The six knights were competing in a thrilling tournament in the name of honor and chivalry. However, there will be only one champion.  There were several rounds of battles and interestingly enough the champion was different every time. However, my Red & Yellow Knight didn’t win even once that night. Seriously, I believed he must be an INTERN Knight!! Anyway, we still cheered for him. People say “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. But I judged a knight by his look. The Blue Knight was very handsome and so was his armor. I bet on the Blue Knight for a free dessert with my date. The Blue Knight won, so I got my dessert for free. Thank you Blue Knight!

Time for Fun Dining

The four-course meal was decent. You don’t need to worry about what to order because they offer a semi prix fixe menu. (The dinner was included in the ticket.) I love their menu on the paper handkerchief. So cute! Our waiter Arthur brought out the food and drink every few minutes during the show. (We love Arthur. He was so nice and funny!) I liked the boiling hot tomato bisque and the giant roasted chicken. But my favorite dish of the night was the herb-basted potato. The herb smelt so exotic and refreshing and the crispy potato skin won my heart. I finished it so fast that I forgot to Take A Picture of the herd-basted potato. (So here you go. Bear me with the only-chicken plate…)

To be totally honest, I couldn’t enjoy the food as much as I should, because there were so many things going on in the battle field.

The Medieval White Horse Andalusians

These magnificent horses are called Andalusians, a species of revered purebred Spanish horses. Andalusians were the preferred mounts of knights and royalty in the eleventh century. No wonder they look so familiar. I must have seen their beautiful figures in different movies of historical pictures and fantasy epics. And this time I got to see them so close! They are also known for their glorious physique, agility and temperament. These days people can see Andalusians mostly in equestrian activities, such as dressage, show jumping and driving.

During the show, Andalusians were carrying fully armored knights in the battle. They ran, jumped and even somehow defied gravity to rise high into the air in a series of elegant maneuvers. (Watch their amazing leap in my Meipai Video @lycheelikethefruit, a Chinese video app) If you want to enjoy more time with these magnificent horses, you can visit them either before or after the show at the lobby.

Before and After the Show

The show itself was about two hours long and the castle would be open 90 minutes prior to show time. I suggested you get there at least 30 minutes earlier so you could get a chance to take photos with the princess, buy a few souvenirs or just walk around to see some interesting Medieval Times decorations.

I bought this beautiful burgundy evening dress from ASOS five months ago but never found a chance to wear it. (I bet you do it sometimes…) Finally, I got this Medieval Times special occasion to wear it. When we were looking to buy a tiara to go with this princess look, we found something gorgeous. It was a burgundy headwear with a ruby at the front and sheer sash at the back. I LOVE IT! I couldn’t believe my dress and the headwear were so perfectly matched in color and cloth material. What a beautiful coincidence!

Our show started at 8:00 pm and finished around 10:00 pm. The Buena’s Medieval Times is just a 15 minutes’ drive from Downtown Disney in Anaheim. Yes, you hear me DISNEY! So if you are a Disney fan ( I guess everyone is ), then you can take a walk at Downtown Disney after the show and call it a night, a GREAT night!

See who loves Hulk?

Left: Orlando Downtown Disney in 2013 summer

Right: Anaheim Downtown Disney in 2014 summer

Tips: Where to Buy the Tickets and How Much Is It?

The good news is that Medieval Times was offering summer special deals last year, so you can get tickets for adults as low as $39.95 with promotion code (SKWEB). Or you go to TravelZoo, one of my favorite websites for discounted events and restaurants, where you can save up to 40% for the night at Medieval Times.

If you buy Royalty Tickets which are $10 more expensive, (I love the name, great marketing!), you will get VIP seating, a Commemorative Program, Knight’s Cheer Banner, and “Behind the Scenes” DVD (one per party).


Buena’s Medieval Times Address: 7662 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620

Downtown Disney Address: 1580 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802

Tips: Downtown Disney has three-hour free parking. Here’s  a list of what you can do there.



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