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Fashion|Travel Around the World with Maxi Dresses

For girls, packing for trips can be annoying. We want to look our best on vocation, but we can only take a few clothes with us. If  you are visiting somewhere sunny or near the beach, I would recommend that you should definitly bring a maxi dress.

Why A Maxi Dress?

Because it makes you look…


It feels great when the gentle wind blows your hair and the maxi dress flows over your body. At that moment, you look like a movie heroine.


The maxi dress that goes down to your ankle or the one with highwaist deisgn can help increase your height visually. And if you have a plump figure, try butterfly sleeves  or a loose design with elastic band. You don’t need to suppress your desire for food while wearing a maxi dress cause no one can tell what’s going on under it.

3. Effortlessly

Put on the dress in one second. And you are ready to go. No need to spend time mix and match with all the clothes in the luggage.


Now Take a World Trip with Me in Theses Beautiful Maxi Dresses

*most dresses are from ASOS, H&M and Forever 21

Comment below to tell me which maxi dress is your favorite 🙂



at Inle Lake, Myammar /坐标:缅甸 茵莱湖


at Inle Lake, Myammar /坐标:缅甸 茵莱湖


at Maui,Hawaii 坐标:夏威夷 茂宜岛



at  “26 Beach” my favorite restaurant in Venice Beach, California, USA

坐标:加州威尼斯海滩 (我最爱餐厅26 Beach门口)红黑拼接开叉长裙1

at Stanford University, California, USA 坐标:美国斯坦福大学 


at Tijuana,Mexico 坐标:墨西哥 提华纳


at Mandalay, Myammar 坐标:缅甸 曼德勒



at Maui, Hawaii坐标:夏威夷 茂宜岛



绿长半裙1at Bagan,Myammar

坐标:缅甸 蒲甘 (缅甸之行中住的最奢华的boutique hotel,超级美!)


Youtube Space, LA, USA 坐标:美国 洛杉矶 YouTube Space


Pasadena, California, USA 坐标:美国加州 帕萨迪纳



 at Solvang, California, USA 坐标:美国加州丹麦小镇


Road Trip on California State Route 1, USA 坐标:加州1号公路自驾游途中



with angry Hulk at LA Legoland,USA 坐标:美国加州乐高公园,与愤怒的浩克一起 😀

红色晚礼服2Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Calilfornia, Buena Park, USA



橙裙1at Bagan,Myammar 坐标:缅甸“千塔之城”蒲甘


at Bagan,Myammar 坐标:缅甸“千塔之城”蒲甘

橙裙6On a carriage visitng thousands of Temples in Bagan,Myamm 坐标:游览缅甸蒲甘的马车上


Tijuana,Mexico 坐标:墨西哥 提华纳



at Bagan,Myammar 坐标:缅甸“千塔之城”蒲甘蓝裙2

at Bagan,Myammar 坐标:缅甸“千塔之城”蒲甘


The Getty Center, LA, USA 坐标:美国洛杉矶盖蒂中心


On Hornblower Cruise in Marina Del Rey, California

坐标:美国加州Marina Del Rey公司周末聚会游艇上

More maxi dresses and more trips are coming up…

Have a nice day girls 🙂



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