Fashion| How Tanned Girls Dress?

In the U.S., people love sun-kissed tan. However in Asia, the mainstream aesthetic standard prefers light skin (the whiter, the better). I always find it interesting how societal status is oppositly perceived based on skin colors in the two countries. In America, rich people get the abundant time to sunbath at the beach and end up with tanned skin. In China, same as in Japan and Korea, rich people get to stay indoor and relax thus having whiter skin than their peers. And Chinese guys usually prefer light colored girls. Read more

2016-04-26 07:33:59Fashion| How Tanned Girls Dress?

LA Floating and Meditation

In LA, floating and meditation has become a trendy thing to do for pleasure. I’d love to share every single interesting detail about my unique floating experience last summer. Read more

2015-04-12 02:01:52LA Floating and Meditation
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DineLA Restaurant Week Industriel

If you live in LA for more than a year and if you are food lover, you must have heard dineL.A. Restaurant Week. For those who don’t know, dineL.A. Restaurant Week is a 12-day event run by Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board to accentuate Los Angeles as a prime dinning location. Yes, another big plus for people to move out to sunshine LA!! Read more

2015-04-12 02:03:34DineLA Restaurant Week Industriel