LA Floating and Meditation

In LA, floating and meditation has become a trendy thing to do for pleasure. I’d love to share every single interesting detail about my unique floating experience last summer. Read more

2015-04-12 02:01:52LA Floating and Meditation
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DineLA Restaurant Week Industriel

If you live in LA for more than a year and if you are food lover, you must have heard dineL.A. Restaurant Week. For those who don’t know, dineL.A. Restaurant Week is a 12-day event run by Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board to accentuate Los Angeles as a prime dinning location. Yes, another big plus for people to move out to sunshine LA!! Read more

2015-04-12 02:03:34DineLA Restaurant Week Industriel
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Medieval Times: A Night of Fun Dining

Are you a big fan of the popular TV shows like Game of Throne and Vikings? If you are, now you get a chance to travel back in time to the medieval and enjoy a fun dining experience at $40 in California. Buckle up, I’m gonna take you with me in the time machine. Read more

2015-03-25 07:16:46Medieval Times: A Night of Fun Dining