Welcome to The Chinese Connection!

The Chinese Connection is a place where you will start your first Chinese language class!  I am your teacher, professor Lychee…like the fruit!

I came to the U.S. two years ago (in 2012) to get my master degree in Public Relations from USC. As an international student from Xiamen, mainland China, I was so grateful for experiencing the very different education system and American culture than the one I had back in China. Lucky enough, I have lived and learned from the two most impactful countries in the world and I love them both.


I love my home country China. China is such an amazing country with more than 5,000 years of history, civilization and glory, yet she is young and vigorous, opening her door to the world and developing at an impressive rate.


I can definitely tell there are more and more people outside of China are eager to know better about this mysterious eastern country, to know better about its people and culture, and to discover this beautiful land through the view of a young Chinese who grows up there and who knows how to show it in a way that the westerners are able to understand, appreciate and even challenge.


It has always been my dream to connect the east and the west, and to connect China with the rest of the world. Connections are built upon communications and communications start from the language. So one of the major goals of “The Chinese Connection” will be me teaching you the Chinese language, from pronunciations, daily conversations to reading and writing.


I obtained my bachelor degree in Translation and Interpretation at Sun Yat-sun University in Guangzhou, China. And I had experience in teaching non-Chinese speakers Chinese both inside and outside of the country. So other than the Chinese language lessons, I will also show your some interesting facts about my country, my people and our cultures.


Sounds interesting? Great!


But first thing, do not let  the mentality  “There is no way that I can learn how to speak Chinese. They are so damn difficult!” stop you from the very beginning. I do admit that it is kind of difficult to learn how to WRITE Chinese, but learning how to SPEAK Chinese is just as easy as or as hard as learning any other new languages. Believe me!


I will try my best to make my Chinese lessons short, sweet and FUN. Comment below or shoot me an email to let me know what you want to say in Chinese.


See you in class! 再见!





2015-04-12 02:04:56Welcome to The Chinese Connection!
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