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The fashion is a place where you will find constant outfit-of-the-day updates from my closet! Follow me on instagram @lycheedai


Every girl is beautiful! How amazing it is that no other person in this world looks exactly like you, even if you have a twin sister. Being beautiful is being confident, being different, being fun and being nice to all the people around you.


In “The Fashion” section, I’m not telling you what the fashion is. I’m just sharing my ideas of how I put together my daily outfits for work and for fun. I will post my outfit of the day on Instagram and hashtag #lycheelooks and I will also post YouTube videos about outfits for specific themes, such as looks for the beach and looks for the date. Also, I will make shopping-haul videos to share my recent great fashion and makeup finds. Hopefully you find this section inspiring for making your own style.


Always remember it is YOU who wear the outfit, not the other way around. So if you are happy, you may wear something with bold colors and fun designs; if you are lazy, wear something that’s comfy but fits your body; if you feel like dressing up for dates and events, wear something that’s a little bit chic and classy. Let the day, the weather, the occasion and your mood dictate what you will wear that day. Dress up and have fun!


Sure, reading fashion magazines and shopping online helps you know what’s in the trend. But honestly, I don’t like all the trends going on right now and I don’t think all those trends fit my style either. So just enjoy the beautiful designs, and the interesting stories behind them and pick the ones that you like and be creative!


Ready to experiment with your closet and take a outfit selfie?


Please post your daily outfits on Instagram, tag me @lycheedai and hashtag #looksforlychee. I will go look at them and like them 🙂 because I know your style will definitely inspire me!




2015-04-12 02:36:24Welcome to The Fashion!
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