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The food is a place where you will find constant updates from my reservations and tables across LA and sometimes even other parts of the country!

God, I love food!!! People can’t survive without eating, and I can’t be happy without eating. From time to time, I heard news that scientists are developing food pills so that people don’t need to eat actual food anymore and still survive. If you are cheering for that idea, sorry that I can’t agree with you.  How sad it will be to miss all those delicious and beautiful foods around the world. Trying out different restaurants and cuisines, tasting new snacks and cooking my own recipes will also be the biggest fun part of my life. Are you hungry now?




In “The Food” section, you will read my restaurant reviews, see the mouth watering food pictures (all taken by my iPhone!) and watch the 10-second Meipai videos about my exciting dining experiences.


Don’t be selfish about hiding your favorite restaurants or foods. Please share with us ALL! I will go visit and try out those foods you recommend and give them Lychee stars. Or even better, we can go eat together and share the fun dining experience with my fans.


Are you ready? Empty your stomach because we are going to hunt down those high rating restaurants on Yelp now!



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