Hello everyone, this is Lychee Dai (yes, call me Lychee, like the fruit :p). I’m so excited to introduce LikeLikeTheFruit to all the friends out there who are passionate about something. The LinkedIn new PR campaign “If you can dream it, you can  accomplish it” reminded us that everyone has dreams. When they think about IT , they smile; when they talk about IT, their eyes sparkle and when they are doing IT, they conquer the world. That IT is the passion.

What are my passions?

Passion #1: food.

Passion #2: fashion.

Passion #3: bridge the world.

So the mission of LycheeLikeTheFruit is to inspire people. Inspire people to discover themselves, to explore the world and to enjoy and share their colorful lives. Life is like a box of chocolates. Hopefully by showcasing my passion for life, I can help open your box. Happiness and passion are contagious! How amazing it will be when we are all practicing our passions, learning and growing everyday with a grateful heart?

What can you expect from LycheeLikeTheFruit?

LycheeLikeTheFruit is your gas station for happiness and inspiration. The station consists of three parts: food, fashion and learning Chinese.

About FOOD-to make you FULL!

You can expect to be fed with food from all around the world. You can expect to be shown to different fun and interesting restaurants in LA and you can expect to be told the most unique dining experience.

About FASHION-to make you Fabulous!

You can expect to see my fashion styles, my daily outfits and my shopping hauls. You can expect to become more confident and beautiful when you get to know what looks best on you. You can expect to bring out more sides of your personality by trying on different designs, different colors and different mixes and matches. Learn to appreciate your beauty and let it shine.


There are approximately 430 million people speaking English as their first language,

mostly people from U.S. (67.9%), UK (14%), Canada (6.7%) and Australia (4.2%). English is ALMOST the most commonly spoken language in the world, when you don’t include Chinese (Mandarin). China has a population of 1.35 billion (by 2012), therefore at least 1.35 billion people speak Chinese, not including millions of overseas Chinese living in other countries. Confucius Institutes have been thriving in recent years as China becomes the world’s second largest economy. More and more people are learning Chinese for various reasons. Some people learn Chinese because they do business with China and some learn Chinese simply because they are amazed by its 5,000 years of history and culture.

Here at LycheeLikeTheFruit, you can expect to learn Chinese in a most interesting and interactive way. You will learn the basic Chinese words and phrases along with my best friend Michael, who just started learning Chinese like you. Believe me, one phrase a day, you will become a Chinese ambassador among your friends after a year. By that time, you can literally talk with half of the human beings on the earth (assuming you speak English as well). Of course, you are more than welcome to learn as many languages as you can. The more languages you speak, the more international you are. Your world will become flat without boundaries and language barriers.

Who is Lychee?

I am Lychee Siting Dai, who just graduated from USC with a master degree in Public Relations. I came to U.S. two years ago as an international student. I was born and raised in China and I love my hometown Xiamen, which is a beautiful tourism city on the southeast coast of China , fairly close to Taiwan (only separated by Taiwan Strait). I obtained my bachelor degree in English from Sun Yat-sen University. It has always been my mission to act like a cultural ambassador for China and serve as a bridge to connect the west and the east.

With the support and love of my families and friends, I decided to share my passion for food and fashion here at LycheeLikeTheFruit. Moreover, I will teach you guys fun and useful Chinese!

I am new to blogging and Youtube vlogging but I’ve never been so excited. I have tons of ideas and stories that I want to share with you but I need YOUR help. I need you to help grow this community with me. And here is what I expect from you.

What do I expect from you?

  1. Subscribe my blog and YouTube channel LycheeLikeTheFruit.
  2. Give me feedbacks on what you like, what you don’t like and what you want to see more on the blog and YouTube.
  3. Inspire me. Tell me your stories and tell me about yourself. Show me your favorite local restaurants and fashion brands.
  4. Learn Chinese. It is not easy but it is not as difficult as you think either. I would love to be your best Chinese teacher and friend.
  5. Have fun and enjoy! 🙂